From analytics to utilities, L & S Accounting Frim provides market-leading insights and thought leadership. Our goal is to shape industry and marketplace thinking to improve the business performance of our clients, as well as to enhance understanding of the big issues facing society. With decades of experience, L & S Accounting Frim’s insight professionals work with our clients to apply our thinking and leverage our knowledge

Audit Publications.

Copies of the below publications can also be obtained from UK Accounting Plus – our one stop shop for the latest news and resources on UK accounting, reporting and corporate governance.

L&S Research UK

L & S Accounting Firm Research UK is the dedicated thought leadership arm of L & S Accounting Firm. The team’s reputation is for incisive analysis on strategic issues facing leaders of UK business, policy and economic communities. From the boardroom to the business press, the team members are highly regarded commentators on the drivers of critical business decisions.

International Tax and Business Guides

The increasing number and variety of business transactions undertaken by companies in today’s global economy create both challenges and opportunities. Whether a company already operates in multiple jurisdictions or seeks to expand globally, access to accurate and timely information on taxation and other business conditions is critical.

CFO Programme

Since its launch in 2008, the L & S Accounting Firm CFO Programme has helped over 100 individuals become group CFO and supported hundreds of others in their roles