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How pensions are managed – and the risks, costs and potential opportunities associated with them – remains one of the biggest issues facing Boards today.

We recommend that companies work towards an integrated pensions strategy.

This will allow for an optimised cashflow position, as well as efficient and complementary tax, treasury and accounting arrangements. An integrated pensions strategy will also ensure that a company’s pension arrangements are designed to support the overall talent agenda.

We have a market-leading, multi-disciplinary Pensions Advisory team that works with companies to consider and agree the objectives of an integrated pensions strategy with a view to designing and implementing innovative pensions solutions in the areas of funding, benefits and operational matters.

Our view of an integrated pensions strategy

Funding strategy

Deficit financing
Deloitte can offer a series of solutions to help companies fund their pension deficit and manage their commitments to the pension fund on an ongoing basis, taking into account HMRC’s new ABC rules.

Risk management solutions
We can help you understand the current pension risks that the company is exposed to, and assist in selecting the most appropriate approach for managing these pension risks.

Valuation advisory
We use market-leading asset and liability modelling and detailed research into investment market conditions to review funding valuation assumptions. Companies can then use our findings in their negotiations with Trustees to promote understanding of investment risks and the extent to which those risks should be mitigated.

Benefits strategy

Benefit design
For many people, traditional pension schemes may no longer be an appropriate or efficient way of saving for their future. However, there are choices available, from the simple offer of cash alternatives to more involved solutions.

Tax efficiency
Your pension scheme may not be as tax efficient as it used to be. Now is the right time to review your arrangements to ensure they remain as tax efficient as possible.

Automatic enrolment
The Government has introduced new duties on companies, including the requirement to auto-enrol employees into a pension scheme. We can help you assess the appropriateness of your existing pension arrangements or whether participating in the new National Employment Savings Trust would be preferable.

Operational strategy

Investment advisory
Deloitte Investment Services provides clear directional advice to institutional investors on all aspects of their investment arrangements. Our client base includes companies, private and public sector pension funds, charities and state investors. We have the breadth and depth of expertise and experience to assist trustees and their corporate sponsors to successfully manage their pension fund.

Trustee services
Deloitte can offer a full range of services to help trustees running their pension schemes. Our trustee services include pension scheme administration (for both defined benefit and defined contribution), scheme actuary, governance and employer covenant review.

M&A and Transactions
Understanding the pension implications of a proposed corporate transaction is essential to reducing and managing the risk associated with your pension obligations post transaction, and the overall risks posed on your business. Our dedicated actuaries and pension strategy consultants offer a full range of specialised transaction and related services.