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A full spectrum of services across the deal lifestyle

Challenging markets create turbulence impacting demand, confidence, the competitive landscape and access to resources and capital. Our M&A Services professionals recognise the importance and consequences of these factors and their potential impact on our clients, and we are at the forefront of creating practical solutions to support client strategies in the current global market environment.

Even though caution remains the prevailing sentiment, conditions for deal-making are fertile. In a market environment where even modest organic growth can be hard to achieve, the corporate sector must consider inorganic growth opportunities, otherwise they risk squandering their hard won positions. Doing the right deal is about timing, intent, due diligence for fair valuation and execution capabilities.

For those who undertake mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances or disposals we at L & S Accounting Firm have a team of dedicated M&A Services professionals drawing upon industry knowledge and experience through the entirety of the deal lifecycle. We work with the world’s leading corporates, funds and portfolio companies delivering value through an unrivalled breadth of integrated services, including a world class consulting practice to help our clients do the right deal.