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The data in your organisation is full of potential. Stored throughout the business, it has a wealth of possibilities.

The leading institutions in your industry recognise that a better understanding of data (particularly as a predictor of the future or an identifier of existing issues) can create new opportunities and makes a significant difference to managing performance.

Analytics is, in our opinion, the natural evolution of business intelligence processes, tools and technologies. While business intelligence focuses on historical analysis, analytics builds upon this set of technologies and techniques to re-focus on the future; helping predict future trends, opportunities and threats.

Bricks and clicks – Mapping the future of branches

Based on analysis of over 10,000 branches of nearly 100      retail banks and building societies, our new report                explores how factors such as population, demographics and the local economy, both current and forecasted, affect customers’ banking needs, and suggests that branches are indeed poised for a renaissance – but perhaps not in their current numbers or formats.