Technology, Media & Telecommunications.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications.

The world of technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) never stands still. And neither do the businesses within it. But with rapid change comes opportunity.

Business models are changing thanks to financing being more readily available, mergers and acquisitions increasing, governments offering incentives to attract businesses to their countries and fierce competition for good people. For those who are agile enough to take advantage, growth is accelerated.

Opportunities are emerging from unexpected quarters and you need quick responsive advice, a strong network and a dedicated team of specialists to gain and maintain competitive advantage.  That's where we can help you. Providing support, making connections and unlocking potential for growth is core to the way we help our clients. We understand your business needs today and what you need to grow tomorrow.

As an established partner to the TMT industry in the UK, we have an inherent understanding of your business and an ability to spot opportunities and potential issues to help you grow.

Celebrating UK Tech from pioneers to industry leaders

  • By Simon Russell

    The annual UK Tech Awards celebrate success, reward achievement and raise the profile of the UK tech community and we are proud to sponsor them again this year. The tech community epitomises the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that is vital for our economy.

    The UK tech awards reflect the contribution all companies make to the industry, from privately owned start-ups through to large publicly quoted companies, as well as celebrating the investors, executives and board members who guide these businesses to success.

    This year’s awards shortlist has just been announced and I’m particularly excited about the Tech Deal of the Year award category, which spans growth capital investment into pioneering new technologies, through to major quoted company landmark IPO and M&A transactions.  We give our congratulations to the following:

  • Tech Deal of the Year shortlist

    • Alfa Financial Software Holdings plc  
    • Darktrace Ltd  
    • Improbable Technologies Ltd
    • Worldpay Group plc  

    As my colleague Nick George said in his recent blog looking at TMT deal trends in the first half of 2017,  investors and acquirers are still hungry for the sector in general, and transformative industry-shaping platforms or innovative fundamental technologies in particular.  The UK is particularly developing a leading role in so-called “deep-tech”: emerging technologies around AI, VR/AR, simulation and cyber-security.  International acquirers and investors from all over the world have been attracted to UK pioneers in these nascent and high-potential areas.